JFM Werken - About


Statement: Within this inspiring collection of steel jewellery each piece is created using designs with structure, definition and clarity. The attention to detail in all the designs lead to innovative and intriguing forms and functions evolving, reflecting the shape of letters, inter-linked locking rings, a threaded ring and a ring in which the stones can easily be changed as part of the design.

Technical Nature: JFMWERKEN designs blend the skill demonstrated by the finest goldsmiths and combine it with the precision of industrial engineering.

Jan Frans Middelhoek graduated from the Dutch Goldsmith College in Schoonhoven following many years in more technical based endeavours, including aviation technique and fine mechanical engineering studies. His natural aptitude and passion for design have merged in recent years resulting in a distinctive collection. The collection reflects machine parts and structured geometric designs. The Port of Rotterdam, with shipping, steel manufacturing and energy refiners, offers a wealth of inspiration.

Frans; "It is always a challenge to find a technical solution for my ideas, this process guides the design to its final form. A unique aspect of the collection is the way each piece is made. All the work is undertaken in the workshop of JFMWERKEN. Every piece is turned to an exceptionally high standard, machined, then manually assembled with care and precision and finished by hand according to traditional goldsmith practice. This method of working results in high quality jewellery with a perfect finish and a unique look."



Jan Frans Middelhoek absolvierte im Jahr 1998 die niederlandische Schule der Gold und Silberschmiede Schoonhoven. Neben dem traditionellen Studium der Goldschmiedekunst, besuchte er Vorlesung fur Feinmechaniek und Raumfahrttechniek.

Seine Kollektion bietet geniale Tricks und Uberraschungen, basierend auf seinem wunsch, etwas anderes zu entwerfen.